Who is eligible for assisted living?

We assess individuals who have financial means and moderate needs to ensure compatibility.

What services and amenities are included? 

Our services encompass a comprehensive range of support, including meal preparation, organized activities, laundry services, cleaning assistance, bathing assistance, and aid with activities of daily living (ADLs).

Does staff help with medication for residents?

Yes, it constitutes one of the fundamental aspects of our core operations.

Are all rooms private or semi-private?

Nearly all of our accommodations offer private facilities, with the availability of private bathrooms varying depending on the specific building.

Are there medical services available on-site?

We have dedicated nurses on our team. While our focus is on assisted living rather than skilled care, we ensure professional support and a caring environment for all residents.

 Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately, as much as we adore pets, we must consider potential allergies among our residents. Therefore, we do not allow pets.

Can residents bring their own belongings?

Absolutely, residents are welcome to bring their own belongings with them.

What kinds of social and recreational activities are offered?

We offer a diverse range of activities for our residents, sourced from activityconnection.com

Is transportation provided for medical appointments and outings?

Certainly! We offer transportation services for medical appointments and outings to ensure our residents’ needs are met.

Are there visiting hours or restrictions for family and friends?

Family and friends are encouraged to visit, as long as their presence is respectful of our residents’ well-being.

 Is there a waiting list for admission?

At the moment, we do not have a waiting list.

Are special dietary needs accommodated?

Yes, we accommodate a variety of diets, including those for low sugar/diabetic needs, among others. This is carefully considered as part of our assessment process.

What happens if a resident’s health declines and they require more intensive care?

We strive to support aging in place with the help of visiting providers. If a resident requires more care than we can offer, we collaborate with them to find a suitable placement.

 Is there a trial period to see if the resident will stay long-term?

No, residents are welcome to leave at any time with just 30 days’ notice.